Sunday, November 30, 2008


Fred Thomas: Heart throb.

Our gracious hostess and first class human being, Heather. Sorry boys, she's taken.

This year's bird. Fit for a king.

Fred and I had a wishbone face off.

On this day we were both winners. FINALLY!

Emerson in the playboy mansion.

After our lovely feast, we went to see MILK, which is the best Gus Van Zandt film in years. I can't remember the last time I cried at a movie but, I cried at this one. While It's awful that Harvey Milk was killed, I cried tears of frustration, not sadness. In the same election that we voted for our first black president, California, (a "blue" state) voted yes on prop 8, forbidding gays to be legally married in their state. No group's struggle should take precedence over the next. If our society is to move forward, then we take that step together. And yes, I am aware that I may be preaching to the choir.

Happy Family

Volume one may have broken ground for it's time but, it pales in the light of volume two.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We got our 7"s while we were out on the road. I'm psyched on the results. We only made 300. Feel free to order. They're $7 post paid or $8 outside the US. You can paypal

We had the supremely talented Christian Brown draw up the covers. Here are some of the sketches leading up to the end result.

No Age: They love to eat.

Sign of the times

No thanks!

Everything your mother warned you about in one place.

Bands across America


Extreme Violence

Tickley Feather

Elegant Ooze

Best Fwends

Stashist attitude

These two places were next door to each other. It was like being inside a haiku.

At last! what a time saver.

We met this guy who looked like Jennifer and Jordan had a child.

Although we did not play the Cleveland show, we went to hang out. Ethan and I met these two guys. You might say they were post-teen creeps or even Best Fwends.

High as a kite.



I admit that I felt very unsafe when Hisham took the stage. He was on FIRE every night! I imagine it was similar to seeing Great White in Providence, RI. Side note: Hisham went to RISD. Coincidence???

In Montreal Soft Circle had the ladies hitting the dance floor!

Peter and I tried starting a rave during Soft Cirle in Boston but, it was to no avail.