Monday, February 2, 2009

Mike Bones

Our friend Mike Bones made a pretty amazing record that comes out tomorrow and next week he's playing a record release show that looks really fun. I first heard Mike's songs during one of the most miserable times in my life and I think it's a testament to their power that I remember them, so vividly, given how much I've blocked from those days. Anyway, this new record is really some magic, with some dark sky mourning and some vividly melodic, chest-exploding pop. The song "What I Have Left?" is especially good for this, full of tiny pulling strings and another part that feels like jumping off a building while listening to "Catholic Block." Anyway, it's really worth hearing. Additionally, we remixed the song last summer, it was the first thing we recorded as a band, even before we had played any shows, and apparently you can download it for free HERE

I didn't know what "McKibben lofts" meant.

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