Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It was another rainy Saturday. Peter and I met up and headed to PS1 for our pal Frank Haines' big night of performances he curated which correlated with the Kenneth Anger exhibit.
On good Friday in 2006, driven by his intense fandom of Bruce Haack, Frank tracked down Chris Kachulis, a long time collaborator of Haack's (his voice can be heard on the Electric Lucifer LP). Somehow he managed to convince a man in his late 60's to partner up with him for an ongoing performance art project that came to be known as Blanko and Noiry. This has been one of my favorite projects to go see for the past few years. Combing elements of mysterious sounding synths, the occult, and even broadway. It's a very impactive visual experience.

Half car, half roof deck.

Nice shirt J!


Cali said...

Soiled Mattress reunion on a subway.

Lawrence Chit said...

Who's the act?