Friday, December 4, 2009


It's a sign of the times when the city of Miami can't afford a proper number 9 for their public calendar.

S.F.S.G.S Alert. No Sea glass found but there was plenty of interesting organic matter.
Rollin' in style.

Bridgette Donahue: Man eater.
Olaf Breuning: Class act.
Brendan Fowler: Mentalist.

Peter is seen here engaging with the cultural dialogue.

Peter Coffin where art thou?!

How much would you pay for a preserved iguana?
I've never seen a more harmonious arrangement.
The humidity in Miami can be tough on your hair...
...and your face too.
A good international pop star can adjust to each city's fashion sense. Here Lizzi displays her Miami style. Is that a Malcolm McClaren Duck Rock t-shirt? It sure is.

Very sad indeed.


Cali said...

the classic seaweed hat.

Kayla said...

This blog is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs. Listening to Saturday Looks good to me and reading your blog is a perfect wintertime combination!

m.m. said...

superb collection, my friends.