Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Open Bar Classics Mix

Completely in love with this mix by Statik Selektah & Lord Sear of early 80s NYC jams. We get into a lot of stuff like this on tour drives, I think the Odyssey record (15th song in) has been a regular for at least the last few tours. Change you might remember from the mix we did for Friendship Bracelet but their song featured here has the added great surprise (for me anyway) of being the sample source for my single favorite Janet Jackson song "It's All For You" (seriously this song is the best). The other exciting moment like that for me was hearing Unlimited Touch's "Searching to Find the One" which was sampled by Bon Rock for the old school killer "Searching Rap" which obviously spelled out the relationship in the title. I didn't know.

Highest recommendation! Summertime!

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