Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, where we practice. Once a thriving source of New York's economy now, an industrial wasteland. The canal was completed in 1869, a time when waterways were the predominant method of transport. Since this is no longer the case, the canal, as well as the surrounding area, has decayed into a SAVAGE LAND!


And the river is a rainbow...

SilkFlowers_8_25_Frost - Silk Flowers

Last weekend as a possible reaction to the Batman movie (perhaps the best new movie I've ever seen in theaters), Anthology Film Archive had screened a series of New York vigilante movie's. Ethan and I went to see Abel Ferrara's seldom seen Ms. 45. If you're not familiar with him, he's made other personal faves of mine including, the cult classic Driller Killer and Bad Lieutenant. To my delight, Mr. Ferrara had spoke after the film. As excited as I was about this, I didn't walk away with much insight into his creative process. Only the understanding that drugs were definatly involved in his life and that he REALLY likes them. My question is, When their popularity began to wane in the 80's, did Suicide's Martin Rev and Alan Vega take up style consulting jobs for street punks in the movies? Observe...

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