Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Song 1 - Silk Flowers

When I first heard Syd Barret era Pink Floyd I was in the 5th grade and my already fragmented brain broke into even more peices. I used to lie to my folks and tell them I'm going to a friends house (I actually had none) then, I'd hop on a bus to Manhattan. And go down to 8th street which, back then was all record stores. One day I bought a bootleg Syd Barret cd that contained this lost gem. The pitch shifted vocals for our song is an homage.

Song 2 No Vocals - Silk Flowers

The abscent lyrics to this song were inspired by the amazing theme song to the original Thomas Crown Affair, starring Steve McQueen and co-starring Yaphet Kotto. This movie is the ideal male soap opera.

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