Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stashist attitude

These two places were next door to each other. It was like being inside a haiku.

At last! what a time saver.

We met this guy who looked like Jennifer and Jordan had a child.

Although we did not play the Cleveland show, we went to hang out. Ethan and I met these two guys. You might say they were post-teen creeps or even Best Fwends.

High as a kite.



I admit that I felt very unsafe when Hisham took the stage. He was on FIRE every night! I imagine it was similar to seeing Great White in Providence, RI. Side note: Hisham went to RISD. Coincidence???

In Montreal Soft Circle had the ladies hitting the dance floor!

Peter and I tried starting a rave during Soft Cirle in Boston but, it was to no avail.


citycenter said...

BURRITOS AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD! i spent many a raw moment in that place in 1997 making zines and what not, praying for death to come upon me and all of Columbus. Glad you had a good tour, wish I would have been there with you. Love Fred

Dave said...

DAMN this tour looks amazing!