Sunday, March 15, 2009

still got them

A few months ago we played a benefit show for Cleopatra's at Glasslands, it was a fun night. Right before we played, while we were setting up our gear, the DJ played this song and Aviram and I freaked out! I think it's a good thing for us to hear a well-loved song before we start our set. Anyway, I watched the video the other night and there's some really amazing choreography, the weird leg-wiggle thing that they all do especially. Even the drummer does it!


FRED said...

I love how the beginning of this video shows a bunch of instruments suggesting that they're making sounds they clearly aren't. IE: Little acoustic shaker making the harsh sound of drum-machine hi hats, electric bass making a wonky snyth line and piano churning out that plinky 80s fake-as-fuck sound. Another favorite production-recreation-as-visual-impossibility moment is in the "Night Shift" video by the Commodores, where the song starts with the word "MARVIN" echoing with a delay and the singer kind of mouths the repeats as they fade, making his lip-synch facial expression fade with the delay. WWE'VVE ALL GOT EMMMM!!!!!! See you in Texas my loves!

Denise K. said...