Monday, March 2, 2009

Windmills Of Your Mind

We arrived in LA and hit Chinatown ASAP. I only hang out in Chinatowns.

Ooga Booga, DUH!


'Stacheist attitudes

Protect Me


Former Ghosts, Current headbangers.

Lucky Dragons

We did a Dublab session on day two in LA. Frosty and the crew are A+ humans.

'Stacheist additude's

If you want to be a super babe you'll need a green baloon.

Tender moments

Animal Collective was on fire that night! So much so, that they melted Brad and brenden's face's!

Boy's night: Dinner at VC's. It's nice to have a home cooked meal when your away from home. The lasagna would've met even Garfeild's high standards.

Grown men playing with dolls.

This photo is part of the opening credits of a pilot episode we shot on location in Oakland.

We raced back down to LA from Oakland for an afternoon show at Echo Curio. On our way we found out our night flight was canceled due to weather. It was about 80 degrees in LA that day and that made a blizzard impossible to imagine. "I have a t-shirt on how much snow could there be?!" The answer: close to 10"!

Dutch Dub. Brother Nick.



After the show I ran over to Amy Yoa's group show in someone's house. Pretty sweet. This is a TOTAL so cal thing. No Question.

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John Wiese punishment.
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