Thursday, November 19, 2009


Super Prime is an organization that uses unsold condos in New York as temporary spaces for young artists to show their work. I've been thinking a lot about how many of my favorite NY artists emerged during the bleak days of the early 1970s. We often romanticize the city's bankruptcy and horrors as the force behind such artists, behind punk and performance art and conceptual art, but really so little of it would've happened or been seen or documented if it weren't for organizations like Creative Time and the Kitchen and 112 Workshop who facilitated these projects and actions. Max Neuhaus' Round, which I think about all the time, never could've happened without Creative Time's tireless work to transform the abandoned Customs House Building into a space for art. The reality of life is that there's no way he could've done all the work on the piece itself and on the mechanics and politics of useing the space.

In these similarly bleak times, it's nice to see how all of these organizations are still working towards such projects, but in a way it's even more inspiring to see young people working towards the same ends, using their own energy and resources to create similar opportunities. We're really honored to play this benefit for Super Prime, and minimally participate in this project.


Super Prime Presents the MIAMI FUNDRAISER!
we're going to miami and we need to raise money! COME AND PARTY!

cool places soundsystem dj set
video by camilla padgitt coles and cornrow rider

performances by
silk flowers
nude photo (members of wish, able hearts, white williams and light asylum)

11 pm

beer/mixed drinks- $3

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