Saturday, November 14, 2009

You probably wouldn't want to encourage this in a country like England...


Robin Hood!
Nottingham Castle

Patrick Bateman as John Lennon

This is Peter of Skinny Wolves house. It used to be his grandmother's and now he and his brother live in it. It might as well be a museum. Lovely...

America may be losing it's footing as a super-power but, it remains a cultural juggernaut! USA!... USA!... USA!...

Mr. Josh Taylor and Foot Village
It was Peter's 29th birthday in Manchester and Perry and Latitia surprised him with a cake!

This was one of the first things we saw when we got to Berlin. A giant tower with a WW II German soldiers helmet on top. Quite suspicious...

Rock N' Roll hostel?!

Danish craftsmanSHIP. I bet this guy built this boat himself. At least he looked like he did...

Factory Floor
The American Friend.

The Present is a present!

The unofficial UK tour shirt.

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J Penry said...

you guys met the Phil statue? now i'm jealous.