Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last year when we played in Copenhagen we got to see Iceage and it was one of the best things I saw on that tour. I recently interviewed them for Maximum Rocknroll, it's in the new issue. Anyway, writing about this Danish band got me thinking about other Danish bands, my favorite of which is Sort Sol. I lost their second record, "Dagger and Guitar" a few years ago (actually I've lost two copies of that record in my life), so I spent some time on the internet trying to track down the songs so I could hear them again. During that process, I stumbled upon this music video for "Boy/Girl." It's perfect. Lydia Lunch is so amazing when she sounds bored, but Steen Jørgensen beats her at that game by chewing gum the whole time. It's like a boredom competition, like the part where Lunch tosses her hair and then Jørgensen tosses his hair. Also he looked a bit like Pieter Schoolwerth which made me happy.


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