Wednesday, April 7, 2010

where saxophones turn into hangliders

the second best record I got on our weekend tour was the first Needles 7". The best record I got on our weekend tour was PIMANIA "The Music of Mel Croucher and Automata U.K. Ltd." released by our Easthampton hosts, Feeding Tube Records. PIMANIA was a text-based game that worked with the home video game system ZX Spectrum. Instead of floppy discs or cartridges, the ZX Spectrum ran off cassette tapes. The PIMANIA cassette had the game information on the A-side of the tape and a series of songs to accompany the game on the B-side. This LP collects these songs, all of which are insane. There are a lot of white British blues gestures, also a lot of toyish synths. The lyrics are not entirely appropriate and sung by a variety of amateur sounding voices. It is not the richest palette, but the songs are consistantly engaging and the weirdness unbalances it nicely. Also the record itself is really beautifully packaged, with a lot of additional information and artwork that contextualizes the game and the songs. Although I never knew about PIMANIA before (and until this morning when I did some research, I was fairly certain it was a hoax), I'm really glad this record exists.

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