Wednesday, December 10, 2008



1) Three 6 Mafia - Last 2 Walk
3) The Younger Lovers - Newest Romantic LP
4) High Places - High Places LP
5) Keegan McHargue - Untitled zine
6) Busy Signal - Loaded LP
7) GAS - Boxed Set
8) Maybe It's Reno - Maybe It's Reno CD
9) Wizz Jones - The Legendary Me LP reissue
10) It's Better at the Beach - "New Corners"


1) Noceros - show in Albuquerque with USA is a Monster
2) Jeff McBride's magic shows i.e. Masks performance
3) Manuel Göttsching at Love
4) D.J. Harvey at Love, in April, and every other time!
5) Tim L, Donna C, Liz L (& others) zine collaboration (at Desert Island and Printed Matter)
6) Matthew's saxophone hide & slide - Soiled Mattress & the Springs show with No Age at the Dome, London
7) Massive fever, mind melt & mugging, terrible experiences somehow show the way. Knock on wood.
8) Every tour so far with Silk Flowers
9) Pizza party, Madeline, USA is a Monster, and Philip K. Dick in New Haven.
10) N0 WAY BACK!


1) Super Bowl XLII
2) Batman at IMAX
3) Eating Difara pizza at Rockaway Beach in the summertime
4) Abe Vigoda "Skeleton" LP
5) Soiled Mattress and The Springs trip to the UK
6) Blank Dogs "On Two Sides" LP
7) No Age, Soft Circle, Silk Flowers northeast tour.
8) Let The Right One In
9) Ariel Pink at the Knitting Factory
10) No Age Nouns lp
Honorable Mention: Nodzzz LP, Omegas demo, City Center

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