Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We had an action packed weekend. Two shows on Saturday, Practice and a show on Sunday, and practice again on Monday. And boy, are my arms tired...

Mayhem at Market Hotel.

When we got to the show Peter and I received the sweetest surprise. Mathew and Rebecca were also playing. It was a very joyous reunion. I was so PSYCHED!

Ambergris or Hamburgers, whichever.

Kokomo featuring Vanishing Ben.

Luke E. Dragons

Sunday's post-practice pizza "round" up at the rightfuly famous DiFara's Pizza.

Domenic DiMarco loading up the oven. This guy has made more pizzas than god.

Sunday nights show at "Silent" Barn with City Center, Grouper, and Kria Brekkan. Hosted by Strength In Numbers and the incredible Karen Soskin.

Parka Brothers

Busy in the trees.

City Center: Heart throb.

Grouper: Great show, bad photo.

Kria Brekkan

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