Friday, December 5, 2008

undertones every day of the winter

there's this amazing blog entry where the writer describes the process of following a High Places interview through a couple different websites and ultimately to the City Center myspace page, where he fell in love with Fred's songs. I am also in love with Fred's songs and I'm excited that we're playing with him again this month. Anyway at one point the writer says "thank you myspace top 8" since it facilitated the discovery. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about "top 8" as a concept, ideas of sharing community and celebrating friendship are mostly positive but sometimes make me uneasy. I think my favorites are always the weird ones where the profile owner makes fake profiles so that he/she can have some concept delivered through this space, like their band name spelled out (Glass Candy circa 2005) or a photograph clipped up and gridded (Reggie from Abe Vigoda circa 2004). I also like funny ones. I wanted to do one once for another band where all the top 8 were related to Smashing Pumpkins, like it could be them and Zwan and Billy Corgan solo and the other guitar player's solo project (James Iha something?) and I bet the bass player has a fan page and maybe a tribute to the dead guy. Then the headline could be "The world is a vampire" and people would think we're crazy.

Earlier today I was listening to Teenage Panzerkorps on myspace, they are pretty amazing. I didn't know. So I had this idea to make friends with them, and then make friends with Teenage Head (one of Aviram's all time favorites) and put them in our top 8 with dear heart Cali Dewitt whose label/blog/myspace is called Teenage Teardrops and then it could be all teenage stuff. Hilarious, right? And then I got thinking about the song "Teenage Kicks", which I'm not that big a fan of, but the Undertones rule most of the time. And so I watched a million videos but I liked this one the best, because I like the wind so much. You should watch it and then watch this one right after it, I think it might make you carsick.

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